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DPF Pays A Courtesy Visit To Housing Finance Bank  March 3, 2023

DPF pays a courtesy visit to Housing Finance Bank March 3, 2023

A DPF team led by Mrs. Julia Oyet, the Chief Executive Officer of the Deposit Protection Fund of Uganda paid a courtesy visit to Housing Finance Bank (HFB) on March 3, 2023 as part of the ongoing efforts to foster continuous engagement with stakeholders. She was companied by Mr. Patrick Ezaga – Director Communications, Mr. Yusuf Mukiibi – Director Finance & Operations and Mr. Andrew Kapere – Ag. Director IT. The delegation was received by Housing Finance Bank’s Managing Director, Mr. Michael Mugabi and his team comprising of Mrs. Peace K. Ayebazibwe – Executive Director, Ms. Anne Abeja – Company Secretary & Chief Legal Officer and Mr. Michael Opira – Chief Operations Officer.

From left: Mr. Patrick Ezaga – Director Communications, Mr. Michael Mugabi – MD Housing Finance Bank, Mrs. Julia Oyet – CEO of DPF, Mr. Yusuf Mukiibi – Director Finance & Operations and Mr. Andrew Kapere – Ag. Director IT.

Mrs. Oyet appreciated HFB for hosting the DPF team and for their concerted efforts in updating customer records. She informed HFB management that among other ongoing projects, the Fund was working on a standalone law, which would expand the Fund’s mandate to go beyond payouts include resolution.

The DPF in the engagement with Housing Finance Bank MD Mr. Michael Mugabi (L) at the bank’s headquarters in Kololo.

Mr. Yusuf Mukiibi, the Director Finance & Operations informed the Housing Finance Bank team that the Payout and Premium Management System that the Fund was rolling out with the different Contributing Institutions would among other things be able to compute premiums due in an effective manner, thereby improving efficiency. He noted that accuracy of the data on the system was very key and thus reiterated the need for the updating of customer records on the single customer view project.

In his submission, the Director Communications emphasized the need for appropriate and prominent display of DPF’s awareness materials such as posters and stickers, especially at the teller points. He explained the need to interlink the bank’s website to the DPF website noting that this was one of the ways the two entities could collaborate in attainment of the public awareness goal. He informed Housing Finance Bank management that the DPF website carries links to all Contributing Institutions, which makes it a quick reference point for the website visitors. Mr. Ezaga highlighted the benefits of the on-going customer satisfaction dipstick survey noting that it was meant to ascertain the level of satisfaction with the services offered by the Fund to Contributing Institutions, inform interventions for corrective actions and ultimately to enhance awareness.

Mr. Andrew Kapere, Acting Director IT, informed the meeting that the Housing Finance Bank team was fully configured on the DPF firewall and as such they were able to upload the Single Customer View data, which he said would be submitted quarterly.

Mr. Andrew Kapere (R) at the meeting, flanked by Director Communications.

Mr. Mugabi welcomed the team and congratulated the Fund for the tremendous achievements recorded thus far. In his brief synopsis of Housing Finance Bank, he stated that the bank became a fully-fledged bank in 2007, and now had presence across all regions in the Country. He appreciated the DPF team for the visit and noted that Housing Finance Bank had benefited tremendously from the engagement and from the insights shared between the two parties. He informed the DPF team that Housing Finance Bank was committed to supporting and collaborating with the Fund on its various efforts.

Mr. Mugabi (center) makes his remarks during the meeting.


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